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Responsible Tourism Policy

Responsible Tourism Policy

Pés na Terra is consciente the importance of contributing to sustainable tourism development in the fields   social, economic or and environmental. By taking on the principles Charter for Sustainable Tourism , the company compromete to carry out the sustainable management of its activities and comply with the requirements of reference Biosphere Hotel which regulates the effects generated by the tourist activity. In this sense, Feet On Earth commits itself to:

  • to assure the collaborators the egs training and awareness of the principles of Tourism Re s sible;

  • promote good environmental practices and the careful management of resources;

  • participar in outside activities and report   their different audiences on the progress and environmental actions of the company;

  • fight against sexual exploitation, or any other form of exploitation and commercial harassment, in particular on children, adolescents, women and minorities;

  • employ people with disability ;

  • the d Aptar accommodation units for persons with disabilities and improve accessibility.


Pés na Terra has as mission promote the tourism of Experiences, transforming the company's tourism products into places of well-being sharing and human valuation of tourists and local population;

  • Contribute to economic and socio-cultural development through interdisciplinary and innovative dynamics;

  • Participate in the affirmation / promotion of the territory;

  • Ensure the sustainable management of resources contributing to urban landscape preservation.


Pés na Terra intends   to grow in a sustainable, harmonious and integrated way, in the economic, social and cultural fabric in which it is inserted through the involvement of all internal collaborators and external audiences. To guide the company through trustworthy principles, through a humanized management that responds to the needs of the present without compromising the balance of the earth and future generations.


  • Authenticity

  • Confidence

  • Loyalty

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Team spirit

  • Respect

  • Tolerance

  • Inclusion

This Responsible Tourism Policy will update itself whenever circumstances require it.



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